She’s Baaacckkk….

It’s been a while. A long while, actually. I was ready to let blogging go completely. In fact, I am pretty sure I’ve lost everything that I ever did, blogging wise. But it had become an added stressor. We’ve had a lot of changes happen in the last year, most importantly, we sold our house in November. It was really sad closing that chapter and we were not prepared for quickly everything escalated. We put our house on the market on a Monday in October, but Wednesday afternoon, we had multiple people wanting to look at it. We had a full price offer from the first person to look at it. It was crazy! We thought it might sell by Spring… we weren’t prepared for that kind of turn around! We moved out of that house and in with my in-laws, the week before Thanksgiving. Of course, there is always added drama with me. I came down with the flu the week we closed and moved out. That’s right, I was trying to pack up our home that we had lived in for our entire marriage, while flu ridden.


We have started building our dream home, and as we got into it, I thought about how much I wanted to share about the process. It’s extremely time consuming, stressful, and sometimes fun. I honestly don’t know how people built houses pre-Pinterest. I’ve been taking daily pictures of the progress, so I will try to re-cap that next. I must say, my husband is doing a lot of the heavy lifting, if it were up to me and my laziness/distaste for talking on the phone… we would probably be living in a tent.