The MacShack–Master Bathroom

Even though the house isn’t completely decorated, I am still going to start sharing rooms. There’s no telling how long we will be a work in progress. I decided to start in the master bathroom. It’s one of my favorite rooms in the house. Back in the winter, I had major insomnia issues and many sleepless nights were spent on Pinterest and googling ideas for this bathroom. I had my original ideas of what I loved, but I wasn’t able to find where it all came from and sadly let that dream go.

As it turns out, I was rewarded by the gods, and actually found exactly what I wanted!

First up, is my barn door leading into the bathroom. Our trim guy made this door for us and it is HEAVY. Our painter stained it. I was worried that the track would be noisy, since I get up early to run and wouldn’t want to wake up the Hubster. But it’s actually pretty quiet.


The theme for this house is grey… Everything is grey and neutral and bright. I fell in love with a grey plank tile floor. I really wanted a hardwood looking plank that was thin and long, and let me tell you… it was almost impossible to find. Most of the tile came from the same store in Huntsville, which made it so easy to match everything up.


I have to give a shout out to my Harry Potter mug…and my hydrangeas that came out of my flower beds. Holla!MasterBath_0024 MasterBath_0025

I earned major points when I bought J the Storm Tropper toothbrush holder. MasterBath_0026

I absolutely love my granite countertop. It was a scrap piece that was already tagged, but it was actually the owners piece and she gave let me have it. I practically jumped up and down. MasterBath_0027


I have already used my tub so many times.


The light fixture came from Ikea!


My shower… sigh. I just love it.


I think that bathrooms should be bright and airy, and I wanted neutral tile, but still with a pizzazz. MasterBath_0046 MasterBath_0049

I hope you enjoyed my bathroom tour!


The Results are in…

A couple of weeks ago, I went and had my blood work tested through Inside Tracker. The results came back pretty quickly.. I was surprised! I was also surprised by the findings… I am not as terrible as I thought! I found the entire process completely fascinating.

I had my Inner Age tested, and was expecting the worst (clearly, I’m not the eternal optimist!) and I was very surprised to find that my Inner Age is 23.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 7.04.06 PM


This is what the profile looks like. It breaks down what needs work, and what food or supplements you need to add into your diet. My Iron and TS were high… and not just “not within optimal training zones” high. Like LEGIT high. Which is pretty uncommon in non-menopausal women.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 7.03.26 PM

My bad cholesterol was high and my good cholesterol was low and so was my vitamin D. I think most people can relate to that.

I spent the majority of the night and the next couple of days being so jazzed and researching everything that I could to get myself back on track.. and then I lost momentum (sad face). I did start taking a vitamin D supplement every day. The good news is, Inside Tracker will send you text messages to remind you to get your tail in gear.

I had looked into Whole 30, and while I would love to do that, I just don’t know that it’s completely feasible for the rest of the family. I asked several friends about their clean eating habits and favorite meals, and I think that is the route that will be best for me. Less pasta, more salads, less bread, more fish, more veggies. I have been making sure that I am eating breakfast every day, and while I cannot give up my coffee creamer, I have cut down to one cup a day. I can tell a difference in how my blood sugar is staying level in the mornings, just by that small change.

I’m hoping to get on the meal prep bandwagon. I think that will be my saving grace. If anyone has any tips and tricks, I am all ears!

Home Again

We did it. We built a house and successfully moved in about 2 weeks ago. I didn’t document it like I wanted to, because frankly, I was exhausted. I had no idea just how time consuming and mentally exhausting this process would be.

The kitchen isn’t even completely finished. Hopefully, my hood will be installed this week and the remaining drawer fronts that are missing.


But y’all. My bath tub. It’s amazing. I haven’t ever had a stand alone bath tub, and it’s a little life changing.


The girls have their own space and they are loving it… although, they are still taking over the tv in the living room.


My dining room is probably the only semi complete room in the house. I finally got the curtains up this week and it feels good!


In short, I’m in love with the house. It’s everything I wanted or could have dreamed, and I cannot wait to decorate it. That’s going to be a slow process though. I really want to live in the space and figure out how I want it to be. I’m hoping to unveil rooms slowly, and they will most likely be incomplete.

Inside Tracker-Outside my comfort zone

For months, I’ve been wondering about how my nutrition affected my general well being. I was super tired and not sleeping and seemed to be gaining weight. I figured it was all stress related, but I kept wondering how all of those things correlated. I looked into Whole 30, and while that still really interests me, I wasn’t sure how that would effect my running.

In a pure stroke of luck, I stumbled upon Inside Tracker and started doing some research. Basically, they do a comprehensive blood test and using biomarkers, give you advice and nutrition recommendations.


It was all smiles until she actually started.


I think I’m most intrigued by my cortisol level, since it’s based on stress and I’ve had a little bit of that in the past few months.

Hopefully my test results will be back in a few days and I can get to work on my nutrition.

Breaking ground… and other things

I’m going to start from the beginning of the house building and catch up to where we are now. We moved out of our house and in with my in laws before Thanksgiving. It took a couple of weeks to get everything moving. We were so excited to see them mark off the house and put the flags up and start excavating. Basically, they draw off the boarders of your house with spray paint and then dig it out a little bit.


Unfortunately, on Day 1, the excavator hit a gas line. I’ll spare you the dramatics of how my children reacted to that, and the fact that I was the one dealing with everything and trying to make phone calls, since John was out of town. All I could do was laugh. Apparently, no one thought to tell me to call and have all the water, gas, sewer, and electrical lines marked. Either way, the gas company was super accommodating and awesome and fixed it within a few days.


With the excavation finished and the lines all marked, we were ready to go! Unfortunately, it started raining. It rained and rained and then rained some more. I thought we were going to have to build a boat instead of a house.


But then! One glorious day, workers showed up! They started laying the block to build the crawl space. It took them about 2 days to do that. I couldn’t believe that happened so quickly!



It was so exciting to finally see some progress! I feel like now is the time to add the disclaimer, that yes… we are building next to a cemetery. I felt a little weird about it at first, but now I realize how quiet they are, and I don’t mind it one bit!

She’s Baaacckkk….

It’s been a while. A long while, actually. I was ready to let blogging go completely. In fact, I am pretty sure I’ve lost everything that I ever did, blogging wise. But it had become an added stressor. We’ve had a lot of changes happen in the last year, most importantly, we sold our house in November. It was really sad closing that chapter and we were not prepared for quickly everything escalated. We put our house on the market on a Monday in October, but Wednesday afternoon, we had multiple people wanting to look at it. We had a full price offer from the first person to look at it. It was crazy! We thought it might sell by Spring… we weren’t prepared for that kind of turn around! We moved out of that house and in with my in-laws, the week before Thanksgiving. Of course, there is always added drama with me. I came down with the flu the week we closed and moved out. That’s right, I was trying to pack up our home that we had lived in for our entire marriage, while flu ridden.


We have started building our dream home, and as we got into it, I thought about how much I wanted to share about the process. It’s extremely time consuming, stressful, and sometimes fun. I honestly don’t know how people built houses pre-Pinterest. I’ve been taking daily pictures of the progress, so I will try to re-cap that next. I must say, my husband is doing a lot of the heavy lifting, if it were up to me and my laziness/distaste for talking on the phone… we would probably be living in a tent.