Sports Bras Types You Should Know

The sports bra is the most vital piece of exercise equipment of all. This bra provides support to your breast during any physical exercise to minimize breast movement, reduce discomfort and also reduce potential damage to chest ligaments. The use of this sports bra becomes crucial especially for any kind activity that requires you to move a lot, such as running. Breasts aren’t elastic, therefore during repetitive or high impact exercise, your breasts bounce and pull on the ligaments and stretch.

Wearing ordinary bra during a workout session may result in sagging breasts, in particular for any exercise activity that forces your breasts to move up and down. To avoid this women’s nightmare, make sure you wear the right bras for every workout session. Read this information about Sports Bras Types you should know to ensure you are wearing the right one for every workout.

1. Underwired Sports Bras

Underwired Sports Bras

This type is suitable for women with bigger busts. Wearing these underwired sports bras provide extra shaping and also support for bigger breasts. The right size to fit the breast size is essential for comfort and performance.

2. Non-wired Sports Bras

Non-wired Sports Bras

This type of bra is recommended for developing or sensitive busts. There are many choices for non-wired sports bras that also provide great shaping. Make sure to choose the right size to get the benefit of this bra.

3. Plus Size Sports Bras

Plus Size Sports Bras

Plus size sports bras are the perfect choice for women with bigger busts. You can choose the right size for you to ensure that your busts are supported well during workout sessions.

4. High impact sports bras

High impact sports bras

This type of bra provides the best support during high impact exercises like running, horse riding, hop skipping or jumping. Wearing this high impact sports bras is essential for high impact sports to get high impact support for maximum control.

5. Mastectomy sports bras

Mastectomy sports bras

This bra type is necessary to get full comfort and control during a workout for women with the post-surgery condition. Manufacturers offer many options for this kind so that you can choose any color or pattern that you like.

6. Low impact sports bras

Low impact sports bras

You may need to feel free to move and stretch your body when you are doing low-impact sports or exercise like yoga or walking. This low-impact sports bras type is the perfect choice for you.

7. Racerback sports bras

Racerback sports bras

When you need do some exercise that may cause your straps falling like running and rowing, this racerback sports bras type is what you need. You can wear this kind of bra to reduce the pressure on your shoulder and to ensure that your straps won’t fall again.

8. Encapsulation sports bras

Encapsulation sports bras

This encapsulation sports bras type is using a defined cup structure. It means that these bras capsulate each bust to give you maximum support with a feminine breast shape.

9. Compression sports bras

Compression sports bras

Don’t let your breasts to stretch during your workout session with this compression sports bras. This sports bras type compresses the breasts tissue close to your body so that you get maximum support and minimizes unwanted movement that can force your busts to pull up and down.

10. Front fastening sports bras

Front fastening sports bras

This front fastening sports bras type can be an option for post-surgery women. You can choose a zip or hook at the front side so that it is easy to on and off this bra. You can also wear this bra for another comfort wear.

11. Padded sports bras

Padded sports bras

This padded sports bras type can be an option for you who need a little extra or even just a little modesty in the cold. Wearing this bra type can get elegant shaping and support.