How To Prepare Homemade Anal Douches?

Sex toys are very useful tools for stimulating real physical activities. These toys allow users to enjoy alone when they do not have a partner to experience the thrill of sex. There is nothing to worry if you are using vaginal sex toys. A vaginal play does not include a huge number of bacteria. You need to be a bit more cautious when using anal sex toys such as anal beads. In fact, you should be more careful during anal sex because it involves the rectum and it is not a very clean part of the body. 

People, who often try anal play, care a lot about their hygiene. They choose anal douching to ensure their rectum is clean. It is a proven way of the cleansing of the anal region. It requires special equipment which is known as anal douche. You get three types of anal douche in the market, bulb-syringe douches, shower kits, and enema bags. If you are planning to enjoy anal sex or anal simulation tonight and do not have time for buying anal douche, you can prepare a DIY anal douche at home. Let’s find out how to prepare DIY homemade anal douches. 

Some workable homemade anal douche ideas:

You can easily prepare homemade anal douches by using things which can be easily available at home. You will need a water bottle and a shower hose. Nothing else is needed to prepare DIY anal douches. Continue reading to reveal how you can prepare DIY anal douches. 

  • Try a water bottle:

A water bottle is not too hard to find at home. Almost every homemade anal douche is prepared from a water bottle. It is the most basic thing you will need to prepare a working anal douche. You can fill the water bottle with clean water or another anal cleansing liquid, attach a nozzle, and put that nozzle in your butt to douche. 

You might be wondering why to add a nozzle when you can put a bottle directly into your rectum. First of all, the opening of the water bottle is pretty wide and putting it into your butt will be very difficult. It will be very painful if you succeed in putting the opening of the bottle in your ass. In addition, the ridges given upon the opening of the bottle can make it even more painful experience. It will damage the nerves around your rectum and also damage the skin within your rectum. Therefore, you should never try to put that bottle in without a nozzle. 

When you pick a water bottle, make sure it is clean and used only for drinking water. Choosing a dusty and dirty water bottle can be dangerous. It may cause infection in your rectum. Thus, anal douching can turn into a terrible experience. Make sure the bottle was not used to store any harmful solution or mixture. You will not be able to reuse it after using it for anal douching. So, pick a bottle that you can throw after using for anal douching. 

Before you put the nozzle in your butthole, apply some lube on the nozzle and your rectum. It will make penetration very easy and comfortable. Unlike anal beads and butt plugs, you are going to apply and remove the bottle with nozzle very quickly after anal douching. So, there is no need to apply thick lubes such as silicone-based or oil-based lubricants. Buy water-based lubricant that you can easily remove after douching. 

So, put the bottle in your butt and squeeze the bottle to spray water inside your anal canal. You can also choose another rectum cleaning solution, but make sure it is not something that may damage your internal organs. That’s how you can use a water bottle with a nozzle for anal douching. 

  • A shower hose:

If there is a perfect tool available at your home for deeper anal cleansing, it is shower hose. A shower hose can also be easily available at any home. You just need to remove that shower head and your job is done. You can use that hose as a nozzle and put it directly into your anus. You can also keep the shower head attached to the hose and use it for anal douching. Perhaps, putting shower hose too deep within the anal canal can be very dangerous. It may harm the internal layer of rectum if pushed too roughly. 

So, you can use a balloon or condom to cover sharp edges of the shower hose and create a hole in it to spray water. Thus, you can conveniently use a shower hose for anal douching. The experts suggest you should not put hose too deep into your anus. Stand in squatting pose and put it just a few inches in your butthole. Now release the water flow in the shower hose and let that water flow into your anus. You can control the water pressure by moving the water knob and feel comfortable during the cleansing process. 

Some other anal douching tricks:

Although water bottle made anal douche is the simplest homemade anal douche, using it can be very difficult. Just imagine that you are standing in squatting pose and trying to put a nozzle attached to a water bottle into your butthole. First of all, it will be daunting due to tickling feeling and a bit pain if it is your first time. In order to make it more comfortable and a bit enjoyable, you can use a plastic tube to connect the bottle opening and the nozzle. 

A water bottle with a tube and nozzle works exactly the same as a shower hose. You can hang that water bottle on the wall and the slowly put the nozzle in the rectum. The water will flow with good pressure and you can spray is easily in your anus. 

DIY homemade anal douches work really great. You should try them and go for an advanced version if you want much safer and enjoyable anal douching experience. Go online and buy anal douche if you want to keep it safe and more enjoyable.